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Tree Selection & Provision

Selecting the right tree for your site is imperative. Appropriate species selection depends on a variety of factors such as site conditions; soil type; surroundings; purpose of planting (i.e. for shade, form, colour, hedging, feature etc) and aesthetic ideals. Recovery Tree Services can help you with this decision and select the tree with the best form for future structural development.

Provision of quality tree stock is paramount when planting trees into the landscape. Recovery Tree Services have spent many years finding the leading tree providers in Victoria to help ensure that our clients buy the highest quality trees possible. Through our networks we can locate the best value tree and have them delivered on site to you.

Correct planting techniques can make the difference between successful tree establishment and failure. We make sure that the site is prepared and that positioning of the tree is optimal before the final planting takes place. This is the foundation of your trees future and it must be right to ensure good tree health, root development and tree stability.

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