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Arborist Reports

Arborist reports are a common requirement for building or development projects. Most local councils around Melbourne will request one as part of their planning process. All of our reports conform to the Australian Standard.

Report Types

Pre-Development Vegetation Assessments are prepared in the earliest stages of planning to determine the retention value of trees on a site. This gives a good indication of what trees you can, and may have to work with and which should not be a constraint to your design. This allows your architect to proceed with a concept design that will fit around the nominated Tree Protection Zone of the retained trees.

Development Application Reports are suitable if you are already into the town planning process and have been asked for an Arborist report. It will normally answer concerns council has about how your proposal fits with the surrounding trees and may offer suggestions on modifying the proposed construction methods to enable your design to continue by working around the existing trees that are worthy of retention while recommending removal of any unsuitable or defective trees.

Tree Management Plans are normally prepared for sites with large populations of mature trees such as golf courses, schools and commercial properties. If you manage such a site, you are responsible and have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for its users. A Tree Management Plan will identify hazardous trees and provide management strategies, recommending appropriate tree management practices to ensure the longevity of trees that are to be retained. Suggested tree works are prioritised in the Tree Management Plans.

Hazard Tree Risk Assessments are usually applied to a smaller number of trees than a Tree Management Plan. Based on tree species, structure and health while taking into consideration target zones we can determine what, if any hazard you tree may pose.

If you require an Arboricultural Report (particularly for town planning requirements), items that you can supply our Arborist Consultant to help ensure they complete the report as accurately and efficiently as possible are;

  • Accurate site survey of property detailing location of existing trees.

  • Scaled, hardcopy plan indicating the location of all proposed construction works (including soil excavations) in relation to the tree(s).

  • Relevant correspondence from local council outlining any specific issues that require addressing as part of the report.

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