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How Do I Join The Recovery Tree Services Team?

Recovery Tree Services is an equal opportunity employer and offers a number of positions for roles specialising in different areas of arboriculture.

Employment vacancies are posted below as they become available. We welcome you to contact us to discuss future or possible employment opportunities that interest you.

To join our ever growing dynamic team, apply either by email or call Chris on 0411 846 758.

Recovery Tree Services is currently recruiting in the areas of:

Qualified Climbers: Climbers with a recognised level 3 or higher qualification in Arboriculture

Ground Crew: Operating chippers, chainsaws and lowering systems for the climber.

Traineeship: Learn the skills on the job including machinery operation, climbing, chain saw skills, tree felling and proper pruning techniques and more. We also run mature age apprenticeships.


A full time trainee position is currently available with Recovery Tree Services. This position will suit a highly motivated individual with interest in developing industry skills and experience. Excellent opportunity to work with experienced arborists in a team environment. We offer:

  • Full commitment to training

  • Good working conditions

  • Diverse work place opportunities

  • Best equipment, current industry practices

  • A high commitment to safety

If you have a strong work ethic, good people skills, are reliable physically fit and keen to learn contact Chris on 0411 846 758 or email:

We are always keen to hear from people who have a genuine interest in arboriculture and would like to join Recovery Tree Services.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our team call Chris on 0411 846 758 to see what opportunities and positions we currently have available. Alternatively email us at