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Cable Bracing

A Recovery Tree Services experienced Arborist can inspect your tree, assess it for structural weaknesses and then recommend the best type of cable bracing design given the circumstances. 

Most major tree failures occur as a result of what we call co-dominant stem failure.  Often trees with multiple trunks, or what co-dominant stems, are structurally defective and failure at this type of union is common.

Rope bracing systems are installed to offer supplementary support between two or more stems.

This modern approach to bracing doesn’t cause any wounding of the tree, unlike traditional steel systems. It’s synthetic construction along with built in shock absorber makes for a much less rigid, more dynamic system.

We install our bracing loose enough to allow the tree to move and strengthen naturally.

The effectiveness of bracing can be seen here, showing a large failed redgum branch held up by a brace.

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