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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Pruning is an important task and includes: weight-reducing heavy over-extended lateral branches, removal of deadwood, branch stubs, cracked or crossing branches, canopy reduction and bracing. Find out more on Bracing

Pruning trees for reasons such as garden aesthetics, sunlight enhancement or property boundary issues requires finesse and a good eye. Our arborists aim to achieve a balance between maintaining a tree's form and beauty and ensuring it does not impact negatively on any other elements in its immediate   environment. Such pruning work involves canopy reductions, formative pruning, up-lifting of low branches and target pruning branch stubs.

Our skilful Arborists can access all areas of the canopy without the aid of spurs that dig into and damage trees.

All our pruning is performed to Australian Standards 4373:2007

Types of Pruning

Crown Lifting

To raise the lower canopy by removing some of the lowest branches. Usually to increase clearance over footpaths, driveways or lawns. Crown lifting may also increase light penetration to a garden below.

Weight Reduction

To reduce the length of over-extended, end-heavy lateral branches throughout the canopy.

Selective Pruning

To remove certain identified branches for a specific reason. This is more often to make a tree fit with the clients needs than it is for an improvement in the trees own structure or health.

Clearance Pruning

To reduce or remove branches as required to provide physical clearance of a certain target. Usually to maintain distance from utility service wires, gutters or of trees over boundaries of neighbouring properties.

Formative and Preventative Pruning

To reduce or remove branches as required to correct or prevent structural defects and encourage good form. Often done on juvenile trees to reduce pruning requirements in later years.

Remedial Pruning

To reduce or remove branches as required to correct structural defects and restore a foundation for future growth. Usually done on mature trees to repair damage after major failures from storm events, other mechanical damage or previous poor 'pruning' practices.

Crown Cleaning

To remove dead branches and stubs from previous failures or poor 'pruning' throughout the canopy. This type of pruning is often combined with any of the above pruning types, however some trees require only this.

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