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Arboricultural Consultations

Recovery Tree Services experienced Arborists are able to provide a range of services to residential, corporate and government clients to assist in the management, preservation and renewal of our urban tree population including;

  • Arboricultural reports for town planning applications.

  • Tree hazard and risk assessments.

  • Tree selection and establishment recommendations.

  • Dispute mediation (expert witnesses for tribunal hearings).

  • Tree management and preservation strategies.

Recovery Tree Services provide an objective, unbiased advice on tree health and safety, allowing you to make an informed decision.

If you have concerns about your trees and just need verbal advice then an Arboriculture Consultation will be of value to you. Whether your area of concern is tree health, disease, decay, structure, safety, hazard assessment, retention value, neighbour or council disputes or council permit requirements we can help!

A Qualified Arborist will visit you to discuss your tree related concerns, assess and diagnose the problem. Visual Tree Assessments are usually made from observations at ground level. At times though, the best assessment of a trees structure can only be made from up close within the canopy. Aerial Tree Inspection allows us to examine defects higher up in the tree, often finding major defects missed from the ground. From there your Arborist will make a verbal recommendation of the most appropriate solution.

If you require a written report, see Arborist Reports.

To receive expert advice from one of our qualified Arborist consultants contact us by email or call us on 0411 846 758.